Jimmy Forsyth

Photo by Keith Pattison

Jimmy Forsyth the Newcastle 'street photographer' died last week (Saturday 11 July 2009) aged 95. Jimmy was a Welshman who came to Newcastle in 1943 to do war work as a fitter. Four days after his arrival he lost the sight of one eye in a accident and lost his job. For the next decade he wandered the streets of Scotswood and Elswick seeking casual work and building up an insider's knowledge of the soon to be 'redeveloped' area. In 1954 he bought a cheap camera and began recording the disappearing life of the working class communities. By the 1970s he was recognized both as a photographer and as a 'sight' himself as he shuffled around Newcastle snapping whatever took his fancy. The Side Gallery exhibited his work and the Tyne and Wear Archive has his collection.

BBC film of Jimmy

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