Newcastle on Film

Michael Smith’s Deep North was bizarrely described as "the novelist returns to his native city of Newcastle upon Tyne". "Bizarre" because it turns out he comes from Hartlepool and only made the odd holiday trip north with his grandma. On that basis I could return to my 'native' Butlin's. Anyway others have already suitably dissed the poor chap.

I never went on holiday to Hartlepool, but remember the shame of discovering my great- great- great- grandfather had been born there (only overcome when I found out his father had been born in Fulham).

An odd fact I remember from Transport Circle days about Hartlepool is that its corporation transport department was the smallest in the country with only four buses bought second-hand from London and crewed by a local coach company.

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  1. yes, a strange choice as a presenter; however by all means diss West Hartlepool, but old Hartlepool has the 'Headland' which is well worth a visit