School books: Brand's Newcastle 1789

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The last illustration shows the Reverend Hugh Moises, Headmaster of the Royal Grammar School (1749 - 1787), watering his garden in the grounds of the Virgin Mary Hospital where the school was then located. I was on my way to buy a copy of this print from Steedman's the day I found the shop had closed.

Brian Mains writes "the scene is laden with symbols: the garden itself, sheltered, orderly and cultivated, reflects stability; the medieval church, long since the home of the School, proclaims continuity and strongly rooted tradition; the gardener, going about his task with unhurried purpose, brings his plants to useful fruitfulness" (Brian Mains and Anthony Tuck, Editors, (1986) Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne: A History of the School in its Community).

John Brand (the author) was himself an Old Novo and 'under-usher' at the school from 1778 (promoted to 'usher' in 1781) until he moved to London in 1784. I don't remember there being ushers at the school in my day, and I doubt WDH would have himself watered the plants.

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