Newcastle in film: Dont Look Back Bob Dylan in Newcastle

Bob Dylan's 1965 visit to Newcastle for his 6 May concert at the City Hall is recorded in D. A. Pennebaker's Dont [sic] Look Back (1967).

Bob is welcomed to Newcastle by Councillor Theresa Russell who invites him to stay at 'her' Mansion House when she becomes Lord Mayor the following year (1965-1966).

In return Bob gives her a harmonica. Mrs Russell endowed an Old Testament Studies prize at the grammar of which I was the first winner for an essay on Apocalyptic literature. That was my only appearance on the stage of the City Hall.

Bob checks out a guitar shop

before setting off on a walk down Pudding Chare.

Later he tries on a jacket in Marcus Price in the Groat Market.

An ecstatic shop assistant looks on.

He also chooses a tie which is admired by his manager and Alan Price who are both sampling a well-known local beverage.

The next day he sets off for Manchester by train. A crowd of local school girls see him off from the Central Station.

Crossing the bridge to Platform 10.

He says good-bye to the fans outside the Refreshment Room in the little passage between Platforms 9 and 1o. He seems to be wearing his new Marcus Price jacket.

A 'Peak' arrives with the empty stock from Heaton carriage sidings ready to form the 1210 Newcastle to Bristol train. The headcode 1V45 indicates an express destined for the Western Region.

Girls run alongside the departing train. A mail train is standing at Platform 8.

One of those old glass refreshment trolleys.

Mail bags were once such a common sight on station platforms.

More mail bags and a DMU for the Carlisle line at Platform 15.

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