Newcastle in film: Stormy Monday

Stormy Monday (1988), directed by Michael Figgis, pits crooked American investor and property 'developer' Tommy Lee Jones against Newcastle nightclub owner Sting. Sean Bean warns Sting of Jones's true intentions and becomes involved with Melanie Griffith who has apparently previously been used by Jones in his dodgy doings. There's a subplot involving a Polish jazz band who fly over from Cracow to Woolsington to perform in North Shields. Thanks to Sting and various hoodlums at last there's some Geordie spoken in this one.

A developer's 'vision' for Newcastle. At least the buses were still to be yellow.

Sean Bean heads down to the Quayside

and back again

where he bumps into Melanie Griffith opposite the barber's.

Later he takes a Metro somewhere

and then travels in a convoy

to North Shields

to the bottom of Howard Street. The building on the right is the former Literary and Philosophical Society Library later the offices of the Stag Line Shipping Company.

Bean meets Melanie again at the top of the Library Stairs.

This platform at the end of Howard Street was intended to lead onto a never built bridge across the Tyne to South Shields.

They return to Newcastle passing a newly privatised ex- PTE bus. Busways retained the old Corporation yellow livery, indeed restored a bit of pre-war maroon. Their takeover by Stagecoach put an end to yellow buses in Newcastle.

Sting meets his rival on the Tyne Bridge.

A Parade is heading down to the Quayside past Brian Mills's Newcastle Bookshop

and the Cafe Procope

in a bit of a homage to Get Carter.

It stretches back to the Royal Station Hotel

where the red carpet has been put out for the American villain.

Melanie arrives

and on leaving 'keys' the American's car.

It all ends explosively.