Tyneside cars: Angus-Sanderson

The Angus-Sanderson was an attempt to produce a medium-sized and medium-priced car in the age of mass-production after the First World War. Manufactured from 1919 by an old-established coach builder in Birtley it was launched with great publicity, but hopes were dashed by the success of the Austin 12, and, after a move to Hendon in Middlesex, production ceased in 1927. Few survive of the 3000 or so made, but this 1921 example turned up for auction in 2004.


  1. My husband's father used to work for Sir Wm. Angus Sanderson & Co. Ltd in 1919, he was their Motor parts buyer in Newcastle. I have in my possession 5 medals from this time in a box. Can anyone throw any light as to why these were made.

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